The daughter of a dressmaker, Lida was fascinated by the intricacies of her mother’s work - keenly learning the novel ways in which luxurious materials could be molded and sculpted into simple, yet expressive clothing; pieces in which the interior finishing was as important as the exterior details.

“Simplicity demands great focus on the fit and quality of fabrics, the workmanship and the finishing. That’s what fascinates me most - the technical side of design,” says Baday. “Our attention to detail is meticulous, though in the end the detail itself may be virtually indiscernible.”
Top European mills provide the luxuriously refined fabrics that serve as Baday’s inspiration for what the collection will become. She then concentrates on cut and proportion to produce her urban, modern and versatile collections.
An unwavering vision that blends a clean modern sensibility with classic beauty and precision tailoring lies at the core of her long-standing success. “There’s always been an ideal of a pared-down look,” Baday says. “It’s very much about the fabric, the cut of the garment and keeping a modern focus. I feel that there is a sensibility about the collection that I do that is identifiable - it has an attitude, a spirit, that we have nurtured over these many years.”
The quality of the fabrics and construction, and the subtly evolving silhouettes impart a much-appreciated timelessness to her collections. “I don’t really feel clothing needs to be just for one new season,” she says. “We’re not focused on putting our finger on the next hottest trend and then moving on again. From my own experience, I want to build on my personal style, and that happens by buying pieces over many seasons and not just completely revamping your wardrobe. We try to do that for our customers.”

Lida Baday